Episode 9 - Heather Moyse

Feb 09, 2021


Brandon: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]

 Hello, and welcome to the real secrets of magic podcast. I'm your host, Brandon and today on the show, I'm excited to have Heather Moyse, two-time Olympic gold medalist, World Rugby Hall of Famer, a speaker, author, and coach. And I'm proud to call her my friend, Heather. Thanks so much for making time to join me on the show today.

Heather: [00:00:28] Hey, it's so great to be here.

Brandon: [00:00:30] And as our listeners know who have followed along so far, the Real Secrets of Magic is not about tricks. We're not talking about illusions or sleight of hand, although I do love to talk about those things too. What we're really, after in this program is learning secret practices that magic makers use to create possibilities.

And Heather, you have made a lot of magic in the public's eye and some things that maybe not everybody knows about. From winning a gold [00:01:00] medal not just once, but twice as an underdog, several times also in,...

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Episode 8 - Rockell Bartoli

Feb 03, 2021


Brandon: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]

Well, hello friends and welcome to the Real Secrets of Magic podcast. I'm your host, Brandon and on today's program I'm thrilled to have my friend Rockell Bartoli, who is a speaker and author and a scholarship coach for high school students who are seeking away into college. Rockell, or can I call you Rocky on the show?

Rockell: [00:00:33] Sounds good.

Brandon: [00:00:34] Awesome. Thanks so much for joining me. It's I've been looking forward to having this chat for a little while now, and so glad you could carve out the time.

Rockell: [00:00:43] Yes. And thank you for having me. I'm excited to, to connect with you and to answer your questions and bring any value that we can to your listeners.

Brandon: [00:00:53] Yeah, and I love that you start right off the bat talking about value. That's, that's the name of the game on this show. [00:01:00] And for those who are new to the program, you may have come here hoping to learn about magic tricks...

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Episode 7 - Geo Derice

Jan 20, 2021


Brandon: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]

Hello, and welcome to the real secrets of magic podcast. I'm your host, Brandon Love. And on today's show, I've got my friend, Mr. Geo Derice, also known as The Book Doula. He calls himself this because he helps people come up with an idea and write their own books so they have it in their hands with his program called First Book Done, which is definitely making magic. Geo, thanks so much for joining me on the program today.

Geo: [00:00:34] Thank you for having me, man. I'm super excited to dive in and have this conversation.

Brandon: [00:00:38] And, and we've been meaning to have this conversation for a while and for our listeners at home this show  is The Real Secrets of Magic. If you don't already know, we're not here to talk about magic tricks.

Although I do love to talk about magic tricks. This show is about the secrets of magic making beyond the tricks and sleight of hand. It's about creating possibilities [00:01:00] and doing...

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Episode 6 - Mike Shoreman

Jan 13, 2021


Brandon: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]Hello, friends and welcome to the Real Secrets of Magic Podcast. I'm your host, Brandon and I'm here today with International Stand-up Paddleboarding Man of the Year, Speaker Slam inspirational speaking contest winner and the author of Crash and Rise: Diaries of an Unbalanced Paddleboarder, Mike Shoreman -  whose rise is just been meteoric lately. 

Mike, thanks so much for being on the program with me.

Mike: [00:00:34] No, great to see you. Thanks for having me on Brandon.

Brandon: [00:00:37] Such a pleasure. And we've been, we've been Facebook friends for a little while now having some similar circles as speakers. But, but for everybody listening and watching, this is actually the first time we've been able to connect.

So I'm especially excited about this episode and, and being able to dive in to, to the magic that you're making. [00:01:00] Now for those who are new to the show or not, we are not here to talk about magic tricks....

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Episode 5 - Isaac Brown

Jan 05, 2021


 [00:00:00]Welcome to the real secrets of magic podcast. The show that celebrates possibilities and reveals the practices that you can use to create them. On today's program. I welcome former professional football player and current strength and conditioning coach for the Hamilton tiger cats football club, Mr. Isaac Brown. 

Brandon: [00:00:27] Isaac also known as Ike. Welcome to the podcast. Thanks for taking time to join me today, man.

Isaac: [00:00:33] Appreciate you having me, brother.

Brandon: [00:00:35] As listeners and watchers of the show will know by now, this program is all about connecting with people who are making magic. Not necessarily magicians doing tricks of course, but people that are creating possibilities. And I think that your work is, is fascinating for a lot of people out there who are interested in pro sports.

You've sort of walked the walk and talked the talk a bit. Can you tell us [00:01:00] a little bit about what you do now? What's...

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Episode 4 - Hakeem Subair

Jan 02, 2021


[00:00:00] Welcome to the real secrets of magic podcast. The show that celebrates possibilities and reveals the practices that people use to create them. I'm your host, Brandon Love and on today's show, I'm thrilled to have Hakim's who bear the CEO and founder of a social enterprise called 1 million teachers that is changing education around the world.

I hope you enjoy today's episode.  

Brandon: [00:00:33] Hakeem, thanks so much for being here today. I know you're a busy guy. Really appreciate the time.

Hakeem: [00:00:39] Thank you. Thanks a lot, Brandon. It's a real pleasure to be here and to be, to be part of this conversation.

Brandon: [00:00:49] It's as, as I was saying to you a little bit before Hakeem, this is a show about the real secrets of magic as evidenced by the title, but we're not talking about magic [00:01:00] tricks or illusions on the show.

What we're talking about is, is making magic and learning about the practices that magic makers like...

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Episode 3 - James Kicklighter

Dec 22, 2020


Brandon: [00:00:25] James, thanks so much for carving out some time and, and agreeing to be a part of the show today.

James: [00:00:30] Brandon, I would always carve out time for you. Thank you.

Brandon: [00:00:35] You're busy guy. And you've got so many things in the works right now. For those people who are just tuning in to the show  or are here for the first time, this show is not about the secrets of magic tricks. Instead we're talking about the secrets of magic. And I believe magic is not just limited to illusions and sleight of hand and conjuring, but of course, magic is the creation of stuff, making [00:01:00] things out of nothing. and it could look like all sorts of different stuff.

And James is here today to share a little bit about the magic that you're making James,

James: [00:01:08] Well, I've been very lucky in my life to, to make all kinds of things all over the country and all over the world.

I've been making narrative films and documentaries and...

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Episode 2 - Katie McLelland

Dec 16, 2020

Brandon: [00:00:06] Welcome to the real secrets of magic. A show about playing with possibilities and discovering the practices to create them. I'm your host, Brandon Love, and today on the show with me, I've got Katie McClelland, founder and owner of De La Sol yoga studios in Hamilton, Ontario.   Hi Katie, thanks for joining me here today.

Katie: [00:00:29] Thank you. You know, I love any opportunity to sit and have a conversation with you. So I really appreciate being asked to be on this. It's always great spending time with you. I always learn something.

Brandon: [00:00:41] And so do I, and I that's exactly why I thought you'd be an excellent fit for, for this podcast where we explore not magic tricks, of course, but the real secrets of making magic.

 Can you tell our viewers and listeners a little bit more about the magic that you've made?

Katie: [00:00:58] Well, it's funny as [00:01:00] you're talking now, you know, you and I have talked about magic so many...

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Welcome to The Real Secrets of Magic

Dec 07, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of The Real Secrets of Magic Podcast. Hosted by magician, speaker, and author Brandon Love, this show celebrates possibilities and shares the practices that produce them. Recommended for anyone interested in making more magic in their lives. In the first episode, Brandon connects with Gurdeep Ahluwalia, host of CP24s Breakfast (Toronto's most-watched morning show). They discuss how Gurdeep created the path to his broadcasting career and share a few tips for dealing with failure and building creative routines.



Brandon: [00:00:32] Can I call you G, G?

Gurdeep: [00:00:34] Yeah. I mean,  we met in university as you call me G so I feel like we should, take it back to the original. Absolutely. It's good to see you, buddy.

Brandon: [00:00:41] It's great to see you too. Thanks so much for joining me on the show. I know you're a super busy guy and have done so many cool things.

I can't wait to talk about them  a little bit here. But...

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